On what you do, betting on yourself, and understanding

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What's popping? I'm currently taking Write of Passage, and it's been an amazing experience so far. On top of doing the 28 Days Ness Labs Blogging Challenge, this is the most I've been challenged in terms of writing.

Here are three ideas from me, 2 quotes I'm pondering on and 1 question for you.

3 Ideas From Me

What do you do?

To be honest, I don’t know what I’m doing. If someone were to ask me what I do, an accurate answer would be “I don’t know”. I’m just trying things out and seeing what sticks on the wall. There’s the saying that nobody knows what they’re doing; they’re just winging it—even your superheroes.

Understanding how to understand

sometimes we think we understand something well when we don’t. Psychologists call this the illusion of explanatory depth. It’s really hard to assess how well you understand something. Facts are a different story. You either know the capital of Paris of you don’t. Understanding, however, is a lot harder to assess because you may understand it a little, but not enough for the purposes at hand.

Interstitial journaling

Interstitial journaling is a journaling method where you jot the time and write a few words. Do this when you're taking breaks between tasks.

2 Quotes I'm Pondering On

Everyone has their own unique experience with how the world works. And what you’ve experienced is more compelling than what you learn second-hand. So all of us—you, me, everyone—go through life anchored to a set of views about how money works that vary wildly from person to person. What seems crazy to you might make sense to me.

Source: The Psychology of Money

Whether it's sports, business, or acting, the most successful people in the world have consistently taught us two things are required:

  1. Take a risk

  2. Bet on yourself

Sylvester Stallone followed both principles, going from homeless to a $400M net worth.

That's legendary.

Source: Sylvester Stallone was homeless in 1975 and had $106 to his name.

1 Question For You

What's distracting you from doing the things you care about?

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